I started rehearsals for THE MOUSETRAP on January 4th and this is a week off in the middle of the tour.  I have handed my free week over to Big Finish and am spending three days with the legend that is Tom Baker doing a most glorious script written by Marc Platt… and I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is one of the best EVER Big Finish scripts.  Romeo and Juliet meets the refugee crisis.  I absolutely love it.

Touring (The Mousetrap) the same show every night for eight months is a hard discipline.  It isn’t so much the performing, keeping it fresh night after night, but the endless round of suitcases and digs, and motorway driving and so on and so on…  that’s where we earn our money.  And living in the pockets of 18 random people is challenging.  We are so blessed inasmuch as the personalities on this tour really gel.  We seem to connect and we tolerate each other’s foibles and idiosyncrasies.  Touring is the most unreal of worlds.  These people, that only met on January 4th this year – (twelve hours after I finished delivering Cinderella to the ball twice nightly) have become immediate family, and for better or worse we spend the most of 2016 with each other.  We’ve struck gold on this tour (click here for tour dates).

I wouldn’t have a clear conscience if I didn’t mention the refugee crisis.  Anyone that follows this blog or knows me, will have gathered by now that I am a staunch socialist.  I think the advent of Jeremy Corbyn is phenomenal and he has shaken up British politics in a rare, honest and profound way, shown the current rhetoric for what it is, and made us acknowledge that the time has come for a compassionate and moral sea change, and we must all take a good hard look at the current legacy with a view to CHANGE.  Somehow the European Union, terrorism and the refugee crisis have been lumped into the same challenging problem, when they are three completely separate issues, and there seems to be no regard for those poor displaced and frightened men, women and children, in the north west area of France, knocking on our door.  they are NOT the terrorists, they are fleeing from them.  At the moment all I do is collect sleeping bags and bicycles, (please tweet me if you have either of these to donate @lou_jameson).  I intend to visit Dunkirk later this year, with hands on help.  Watch this space for further blogs.

On a brighter side, the clocks have sprung forward, the daffodils are wandering in the most spectacular way.  Tom Baker remains a dream to work with, and for me Mousetrapping is full of hilarity, packed houses, and standing ovations………….. just how blessed am I?  I hope you and yours are too.

Take time to enjoy the sunsets.

Love to you all, Louise x x

Two Short Plays Cover PhotoPS  London based people… from Sep 6th – 24th I am performing in DIVA DRAG at the Hope Theatre .  We have done 5 shows at The Brighton Festival and this @offwestend  venue picked us up… I’m thrilled to be reprising this amazing script written by Lesley Ross and to be performing with Gregory Ashton directed by Nigel Fairs……… the venue only seats 50 people so from full on number one tour to a pub venue…. book now , sublime to the ridiculous, loving my life  x x x x x L