Next Monday (April 2nd) I embark on another adventure with Kenny Wax producing. BEDROOM FARCE by Alan Ayckbourn with Colin Baker and I playing husband and wife. Eating sardines in bed! Has it come to this? The tour opens in Bromley on April 26th and continues until mid August when I and my two sons will join my brother in the South of France for his 60th birthday. A week of my mad family all gathering in Bergerac, Heaven help us… I can’t wait. But in the mean time there is mortgage to be paid and here is the tour route.

Finish Bromley on May 5th
May 7th – 12 Lowry in Manchester
May 14th – 19th High Wycombe
May 21st – 26th Belfast
Sunday 27th Doctor Who Convention Belfast
May 28th – June 2nd Bath
June 4th to June 9th Llandudno
June 11th – 16th Guildford
June 18th – 23rd Cambridge
June 25th – 30th Richmond
July 2nd – 7th Brighton
week out
July 16th – 21st Truro
Sunday 22nd Doctor Who convention in Birmingham
July 23rd 28th Oxford
July 30th – August 4th Cardiff
August 6th – 11th Glasgow
HOLIDAY for one week

Then who knows what is in store?

Next February I shall be touring FACE VALUE … watch this space… and hopefully fit in a bit of telly between the two theatre gigs.

This year has been very pressured for me what with producing and performing and an extraodinairy learning curve… but now we have a good team together and the passage of the next FACE VALUE outing should be a lot smoother.

I am writing this from my aunt’s sun-filled study, near stone henge. Don’t you just love it when the clocks move forward? Balmy, barmy evenings on the way… thanks for looking in to my blog… Love Louise x