Half way through February already! Am looking out my window at a simply glorious spring day, daffs and snow drops and a clamour of birdsong.

I am currently commuting Glasgow recording RIVER CITY. My character, Viv, hits the screen in April. And I use the word ‘hits’ advisedly! Crossing my fingers that it isn’t all too over the top, but, she’s such an extreme personality, I aim to have fun with her… not an opportunity to be wasted.

The last two weekends have been spent with Big Finish. Firstly launching something extremely high tech which I didn’t quite understand. All to do with down-loading and I’m sure, if you go their website, all will become abundantly clear.

Secondly, recording a new and fabulous script by Nigel Fairs of Sapphire and Steel. Watch this space for it’s release date. I got to work with David Warner, just how thrilled am I?

Now then, some Doctor Who personal appearance dates, most of these are confirmed, others a heavy pencil…

25th May, Glasgow
28th/29th June Blackpool (one of these dates)
13th July Weston super Mare
23rd/24th August Glasgow
Sometime in September Coventry
15th November Newcastle

October 2009 – Florida!

So, so, sooooooooo sadly the BBC could not release me for two New Zealand gigs and one Australian gig. Hopefully the powers that be won’t cross me off their Christmas card list and I will be able to get there at some point.

If there are any teenagers who log into this blog, and who are would be performers/writers/camera operators/stage managers etc and you live in the Kent/East Sussex area you may be interested in a project of mine which is to start a Sunday Drama College for 14 plus year olds. It will be hard work, with two performances scheduled each year, and will take up most of your Sundays.

If you would like to know more visit www.sundaydramacollege.com. This is NOT a site for autographs, ONLY for students who are interested in taking part. I have two ‘taster’ sessions coming up in Tunbridge Wells on June 7th and June 14th, with the college proper starting sometime in September. There will be a website up and running by June.

Two other dates for your diary… Trinity Arts in Tunbridge Wells have had their funding whisked away. It is an absolutely diabolical and shatteringly stupid move by the Arts and local Councils. Please write to your MP, the Arts Council, Trinity itself and anyone else you can think of… Father Christmas if you think it will help! Anyway, Colin Baker and I will be doing a benefit on Sunday October 5th. A play called LOVE LETTERS by A.R. Gurney. It is exactly what it claims to be. A couple who write to each other from aged 6 to 66. It is funny, sad, poignant, observant and brilliantly written, I hope also, brilliantly performed. Colin is certainly fabulous!

And the second benefit will take place on Poppy Day, November 9th, with The Trio Lavolta (Sally Mays piano, Joyce Fraser violin and Felix Buser cello), and will be an extraordinary selection poetry, prose and music relating to war, from the powerful to the pacific and the horrific to the hilarious. Half the money will go to the Poppy Appeal and half to Trinity. Please do come and support either or both if you are able.

I leave you with this little personal anecdote of single parenting. My son Tom, away ski-ing in France if you please, ‘forgot’ to pay two parking fines last April. The debt collector arrived last week, threatening to take his van away for non payment as the debt had accumulated to… wait for it… £940! As opposed to the original £60! I can’t print my re-action here for fear of having the blog banned. But this works as a comment about our society on many levels.

Well that’s it for now, the filming schedule is about to step up as my story line increases, but I hope to be back here in March with an update. Anybody who hasn’t read it I recommend THE SECRET. A book to comfort and, if you allow it, to change your life.