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  • Up, Up and Away!

    I’ve started Zumba – yay – what fun. No-one telling you to try harder, push further, strain more… just leaping about for an hour to fabulous music, and opening up all those synapses to get routines into your head. Brilliant! I had my car broken into last month, that wasn’t too much fun, hugely inconvenient […]

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  • Just gone midnight…

    …so technically it Friday 27th and the month is nearly over. I swear January goes faster every year. Isn’t today supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, when all the Christmas credit card expenditure comes plopping through the letter box demanding to paid? PULLING FACES tour trots on a treat, the studio […]

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  • Chicago and Chagall

    Just returned from the Chicago TARDIS Doctor Who convention where we were treated right royally. They couldn’t have been more welcoming. It is such an odd mixture of consumerism and generosity with people literally storming the shopping malls to get a bargain, quite frightening images on their 24 hour news channel, and then the love and the […]

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  • …what happened to January?!!!!

    It went by in a blur of touring PULLING FACES, my brilliant Sunday Drama College performed SNOW QUEEN, producing Murder Mysteries and I’m currently rehearsing for Oedipus (opening next week in Liverpool)… who said January was a dull month? I was chuffed to bits with the teenagers who pulled off a world premiere written and […]

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  • Music and Murder!

    I’ve just returned from after dinner speaking for the The Lady Taverners Club. Had a terrific time, and loved the whole ambience and atmosphere of the day. The Hotel where the luncheon was held is the Rowhill Grange Hotel and Utopia Spa – what a BEAUTIFUL place it is – and I’ve been promised a day’s pass […]

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  • Face Value

    First of all my humble apologies for those of you who have logged on to see my non-existent blogging. I had seriously meant to do a monthly round up, but have been useless. Bit of personal trauma, bit of ‘too much work’ – although I say that very quietly because I would hate for it […]

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