Just returned from the Chicago TARDIS Doctor Who convention where we were treated right royally. They couldn’t have been more welcoming. It is such an odd mixture of consumerism and generosity with people literally storming the shopping malls to get a bargain, quite frightening images on their 24 hour news channel, and then the love and the warmth at the actual convention with the meeting of like minds, and the ‘happy holidays’ mantra becoming an actuality. Laughter and enjoyment, with everyone connected by mutual interest. Toby Hadoke stole the show with his performance on Saturday night, (www.tobyhadoke.com)

I think the highlight of my visit was the Chagall windows at the Art Institute. Brilliant, beautiful, vibrant colours and shapes lovingly displayed. Everything is treated with such respect there, from the art itself to the people observing it and even though it was teeming with people it maintains a sense of space.

Back to a snowy, stunning, hushed, white Kent. Can’t move the car, can’t catch a train, coal fires, too much telly and a dog that is delighted I am home 24/7. Snuggling down today to work on a short film called CLEANING UP – I’m not allowed to say any more about it as the casting hasn’t been completely finalised but I shall be working with… watch this space… so longing to tell you… We are filming that before Christmas. And I shall also be reading THE FACE OF EVIL for the RNIB (www.rnib.org.uk). Both these jobs connected with Doctor Who contacts, so still Pennant Roberts continues to provide. He would have been 70 on December 15th so please raise a glass of something delicious in his memory.

The previous three months have seen me working with Ray Cooney on his musical STOP DREAMIN’ – a scary and exhausting process, but I am sooooooooooo pleased to have done it. I think it was one of the most amazing casts I have ever worked with. Maybe all musicals are like that (this has been my first commercial foray into the genre) but the dedication, talent and sheer professionalism was astounding. I had a depressing after show come down and miss the company very much.

My tour, PULLING FACES by Helen Goldwyn, directed by Nigel Fairs, (www.nigelfairs.com) also continues to expand so please do check into the touring dates (Windsor just added) and see if I come to an Arts Centre near you, and make sure to say hello afterwards in the bar.

May Christmas fulfil your expectations (make certain they are good ones!)

Thank you for checking in, I wish you joy and love and peace. L x