Why aren’t I running around gathering in all those last minute xmas presents and nut roasts and scented candles? Because I’m taking time out to write a ‘have a fabulous time’ message to you all.

2013 has a very firm actor hat on my head. An episode of THE DUMPING GROUND in January, also touring PULLING FACES and MY GAY BEST FRIEND before we bring the latter into London, the internet series THE VESSEL released its final episode last night and a short film, just completed, CHARITY, to be released within the next couple of months.

The new agents, Cole Kitchenn, proving adorable and a brand new voice agent, Rachel Kean at Articulate Voices, about to be adorable!

Two writing commissions and two secret ‘somethings’ later in the year.

Full on family breakfast tomorrow, and then over to my brother’s where we shall be joining his (huge) tribe.

Looking rosy – feeling blessed – hoping you are too. May you have the best of festive seasons, and a wonderful and peaceful New Year around the world. But before the frantic last minute dash begins…

…a moment to remember the families who have suffered recent, terrible losses. May 2013 bring you peace and love and healing, and know that there are many holding you in their hearts.

Louise xx

photo: Lisa Bowerman