So…the last three days have been crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I flew back from le sud du France on Thursday… After a really lovely holiday, accompanied by the brilliant Nigel Fairs, having stayed with my niece and her beautiful family.

Spent Friday and Saturday reading an engaging adventure children’s book for the RNIB called THE DOG AND HIS BOY.

Tomorrow I rehearse a fringe show which I am directing starring Adam Rood called ANORAK OF FIRE – only one show scheduled currently, so try and catch it at THE BEACON ( 9.00pm on August 26th, a mere £10 entry!

On Monday I have the CRAZIEST job imaginable. Ray Cooney is making a film and has asked all his chums to be extras. I consider myself his chum and have volunteered to be part of an aerobics class (heaven help me!) in Wimbledon. Already Dame Judi has appeared as a bag lady, Sir Cliff Richard has been a busker, Barry Cryer has collected money…Commonly known as bottling… For Cliff!!! And now I, along with Barbara Windsor and copious others, are offering our services for the day – can’t wait… Payment is a bottle of champagne and a (sex and travel*) party at the end of shooting.

Since I last wrote (far too long, I apologise to those of you that check in for the blog) I have been filming DOC MARTIN. Been introduced as the Mother in Law from HELL!!!!!!!!!! Martin Clunes character and mine HATE each other on sight. Although off screen he is adorable. It verges on the Ab Fab as a character. I couldn’t have asked for a better 60th birthday present. I’ve had THE most wonderful summer in a cottage in Port Isaac. Filming on cliff tops with some of the most beautiful views in the world as a back drop. REALLY good scripts and, I have to say Ben Bolt is probably the best TV director I have ever worked with. He is sensitive, kind, encouraging, tactful, patient, creative, caring… and impossible to compliment… He just shrugs it off, so I’m doing it here in print!

I’ve had TWO birthday parties this year – like the Queen! The first one my brother took over and made wonderful, full of care and generosity. And the second was hugely supported by my friend Matt Evenden, who decorated our local pub with my ENTIRE career, finding jobs I’d forgotten I had even done, a memory box of programmes and more Chablis than a girl could consume.

I have a third party to look forward to (if this is being 60 bring it on!!!!!!!) which is a gift from all my sister TENKO friends. Their present to me was to choose a venue of my choice for an evening out. Duly selected, duly looking forward to it. Steph Cole also has a ‘special’ birthday this year so we are combining and I’m looking forward to it more than I can describe.

After filming on Tuesday I am back with Tom Baker in the Big Finish studio reprising Leela and the Doctor on some FABULOUS, AMAZING audio adventures. And on the Doctor Who theme, I’m going to Australia and New Zealand later this year with three Doctor Who conventions lined up.
How blessed am I? All I need now is a day off!

Thanks for checking in, with love, L x x


* Sex and Travel party = F*** off party


photo: David Richardson/Big Finish