Louise Jameson is reunited with Tom Baker in a number of audio adventures for Big Finish, to be released from the beginning of 2012.

The first season of six single-disc releases will begin in January 2012, with a second season of seven single-disc releases to follow at a date to be confirmed. There will also be a five-disc box set entitled Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The Fourth Doctor Box Set… The producers across the Fourth Doctor adventures are Nicholas Briggs and David Richardson.

“As many of you will know, we’ve been talking to Tom for a long time,” says Big Finish executive producer Nick Briggs. “David Richardson and I went to visit Tom at his home not long ago to chat about it all. We had a really great time. At that point, I sincerely felt that had we taken a microphone with us, Tom would have started there and then – but, of course, there are always finer details to sort out. Now that our plans are in place, and Tom has enthusiastically told the world that we’re going ahead, we thought it best to follow-up with our own announcement. Rest assured that in the coming months we will be releasing news on this as soon as we are able.”

Executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery says: “I am delighted that Tom will be joining the Big Finish audio adventures of Doctor Who. As a small child, I remember how charismatic and engaging his performance was each Saturday tea time – and we are all looking forward to recreating that era again.”

Titles revealed

The season begins in January with “Destination Nerva” by Nicholas Briggs, in which the Doctor and Leela face a new enemy in familiar surroundings. “The Renaissance Man” by Justin Richards follows in February, while Leela makes a new ally in the warrior Boudica in John Dorney’s historical tale “The Wrath of the Iceni” (March).

The Fourth Doctor has a rare conflict with his arch enemies in April in “Energy of the Daleks” by Nicholas Briggs; Mark Benton (Rose) guest stars as Jack Coulson, while Dan Starkey (A Good Man Goes to War) is Kevin Winston.

The TARDIS returns to 1970s Britain in “Trail of the White Worm” (May), while the season climaxes with “The Oseidon Adventure” (June) – both are written by Alan Barnes.

The content for Doctor Who – The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Box Set has also been confirmed. In addition to “Foe from the Future”, a six-parter originally devised by Robert Banks Stewart and adapted by John Dorney, also included is “The Valley of Death” by Philip Hinchcliffe, adapted by Jonathan Morris. In this four-part full cast audio, the Doctor and Leela join an expedition to the Amazon rainforests, where an alien trap is waiting to be sprung… The five-disc box set will be available in January 2012.

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