It lifts the spirit, which has taken a dip or two this month. It’s not that I haven’t been offered work, it just that the offers need to tick two of the three boxes which are:

(a) artistic satisfaction
(b) location
(c) remuneration

Why is it that the work we LOVE to do is poorly paid, or bloody MILES away? All well and good putting a positive spin on everything… but…that said, I am so enjoying the (unpaid) work that I am doing.

Nigel Fairs ran a brilliant writers’ retreat to which he invited me, a consequence of which is I have started a novel! I know everyone says that, but I really have! No… I really, really have!

Also in development is his script of CARABOO so with my producer’s hat on I’m doing the ground work on that.

And my fabulous teenagers (21 of them this term) are working on A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM which will be performed at The Beacon in Tea Garden Lane on 24/25 July at 3.00pm £5 on the door, no reservation necessary, bring your own chair! They never cease to amaze me, this group, with their concentration and their care for each other. We’ve got the usual stresses of people telling me they’re free for the whole rehearsal process and then putting in for time off, but at least they’re trained up to let me know now!

SHAKESPEARE’S MISTRESS ( has had a couple of inquiries, so a mini tour of that will probably happen later in the year. I’ll keep you posted.

IN CONVERSATION WITH AN ACID BATH MURDERER went BRILLIANTLY – The Lamb in Eastbourne was transformed into a workshop and then a cell – our audience laughed and cried ( This production will definitely have a future – we’re looking at the actual dungeon in Arundel as a starting point.

This week I’m back with the wonderful Big Finish group and recording four short stories (I actually get to be Sarah Jane – how weird is that?) and some other work lined up with them for September although I’m not allowed to talk about that yet, although I’m longing to!

Life feels very transitory at the moment, and the brilliant Matt Evenden (designer of my 3 websites) nagging, sorry… persuading, me into doing this blog every month, really makes me look at where everything is heading, and actually just how creative practically everyone I know is.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now get off the computer and go and enjoy the sun!


Louise x


NEWS UPDATE – I’m recording an EGGHEADS for the BBC with Colin Baker and John Leeson for Charity – a “Doctor Who” team!!!