So, on a scale of one to ten how on top of the festive season are you? I think I’m somewhere around 5.5… Actually I love it when Christmas falls at the weekend. It seems to be more contained. Full on close family this year. Youngest son doing Christmas Eve, my household taking care of Christmas Day and my brother and his wife hosting Boxing Day… Then off to Wales with chums for the New Year. Really feels like ‘time out’ and I’m loving it.

I’ve had a wonderful year work-wise, been very blessed. Outside my comfort zone on occasion, always a good thing, and I’ve just returned from New York where our play MY GAY BEST FRIEND was extremely well received Off Broadway. (We are hoping for another run Off West End in the autumn of 2017.)

I have two projects to kick start the new year. The first is to direct a new play written by Nigel Fairs called EBENEEZA AND ME, receiving its try out at The Space ( with 5 performances only, running from 1st to 5th February, so book now to avoid disappointment, as they say. And of course the trusty, brilliant Big Finish have just sent me a script. I’m not allowed to give any spoilers, obviously, but a different Doctor (for me) looms…. Exciting.

Sitting to my left, on my desk, is a huge pile of unsorted papers all pertaining to tax. And they beckon. Don’t think I can prevaricate any more. So… onward and upward, it has to be done. Aaaaaaagh!

Have a marvellous time everyone, and see you in the New Year. May you and yours have everything you need and most of what you wish for.

With love, Louise x

And, cliché as it may sound, can we spare a thought for those hoards of disenfranchised people worldwide, and contribute something, somewhere, somehow and help alleviate a small corner of suffering.