Well, Pete Searles was such a star and my first foray into producing was very successful. He set the whole season off with such an outrageous bang. www.the-beacon.co.uk

The Gallifrey III audio went down a storm. Launch date will be some time in May. (www.bigfinish.com) We had such fun and I made some new and I suspect lasting friends, not least of all Charlie Ross, check out his web site. www.charlieross.co.uk In order to raise money for the Ron Davis dyslexia Bursary I kept my script in pristine condition, got everyone involved to sign it, took a few photos, Lalla Ward drew two of the mentioned outer-space monsters (and signed them), the engineer, Toby Robinson, recorded us recording four of the scenes with all the back chat and laughter etc. and I’m going to raffle the whole kit and caboodle. Details in next month’s blog.

The next producing ventures are Amanda Symonds and myself doing a charity night for V-Day with Jan Chappell and Helen Goldwyn.

I have been sent two scripts this week, one from Steven Berkoff called SIT AND SHIVER. It is absolutely fantastic. I met him on Wednesday, but don’t think I gave the best audition ever. Would absolutely LOVE to be part of that production, the play is stunningly written, and I’m sure he will direct it with huge imagination and nerve.

The second script is called MY GLORIOUS DIVORCE and this too I absolutely ADORE. The subject matter is poignant and distressing but handled with such wit, vivacity and chutzpah and will tour Britain and southern Ireland next Spring maybe.

I’m trying to lose weight in the gym and with my youngest son as my personal trainer I’m sure it will happen. Eldest son and I have just booked a holiday to Spain, most of the family congregating for Easter in Nerja should be fab.


Gathering momentum for second producing adventure. Amanda Symonds, a dear friend and amazing performer is doing a new show with a new pianist Steve Rose.

Just got back from the Croydon Warehouse Theatre having seen a production of BEING OLIVIA with my gorgeous friend from TENKO days, Veronica Roberts, being absolutely brilliant. Directed by Ted Craig. One of the best ensemble pieces I have seen in many a year. Fabulous production, I so hope it has a future. And it was one of those reunion evenings with Ann Bell, Stephanie Cole, Jill Hyem, myself and of course Roni Roberts, plus other old mates on stage and in the audience.

A week ago I split with my partner, so have found socializing a bit difficult. The wonderful thing about reaching this great age is that I know time is my friend and will heal my scarred old heart.

I have accepted a tour of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. Haven’t got the tour dates yet, I know I start in Basingstoke around end of August, and as soon as I have the other venues I will post them, and if I’m in your area please come and see me. Let me know if you got the info off my web site, I’ve no idea if anyone is reading this.

My show HOT FLUSH is sooooooooooooooo gathering momentum and is sooooooooooooooo exciting. Susie McKenna has agreed to direct, Jacquie Gunn to design and what a design is underway. The set up is going to take time, so sadly it will not happen now until early next year. I am waiting to hear back from Battersea Arts Centre with everything crossed. Watch this space.

APRIL 10th

Amanda Symonds was absolutely FANTASTIC at The Beacon last Friday, with pianist Steve Rose and friend Vanessa joining for two numbers. What an evening, hope you’re sorry you missed it. First Friday of next month c’est moi. The VAGINA MONOLOGUES and I will be joined by Jan Chappell and Helen Goldwyn. And the following month Helen will be strutting her stuff with a show called TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN LOW.

This posting is late for which I apologise, have been going through some personal turmoil and won’t bore anyone with the details. Suffice it to say that the August 4th performance at The Beacon has been cancelled.

Today I am leaving for Spain. A much needed and longed for holiday. My family (about a dozen of them) congregating for Easter. Can’t wait. When I return I start rehearsals on May 2nd for TEN TIMES TABLE, a mini-tour going to Peterborough, Windsor and Eastbourne. Then a barge holiday in France with some TENKO ladies (what an amazing time that will be!) then ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. Playing a dotty 70 something! What a joy! Will post venues when I have them.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in, I appreciate it. Same time next month, or hopefully a little earlier. Love Louise xxx