Thank you so much for coming to site to see what is going on. Everything and nothing as it happens… I am still recording RIVER CITY, but instead of the anticipated increased story line I appear to have taken a back seat. Probably the best paid extra in Britain at the moment, but don’t tell anyone because I am using the free (waged) time to do some really exciting and innovative work. I’m thrilled that at 57 I am probably at my most creative. I wouldn’t have thought that a career as a writer or as a teacher could be so fulfilling.

I am now the member of two writing groups… one I have hauled together and is (at the moment) flatteringly called Lou’s Crew. We have an idea for a new comedy drama that makes me laugh and cry in equal measure. We shall read through the first draft of the first episode on the 1st of November… and please, anyone that reads this, say a little prayer to whichever deity you believe in to bring us joy and prosperity with the project. Believe me YOU WILL LAUGH if it ever hits the screen… it has all the ingredients of a new cult series, and I am lost in admiration for the 9 people that I am working with.

The other writing group is headed by Nigel Fairs (who has written extensively for Big Finish) and I feel flattered to be seconded onto the group of 12. This time it’s a film script. Watch this space.

The Sunday Drama College has gathered a group of 22 young people. Mixed ability, extremely caring of each other, and a very creative atmosphere is forming that I am profoundly proud of. We have our first performance this coming January at Trinity Arts Centre.

Performances… Colin Baker and I did a lovely evening at Trinity, a read play called LOVE LETTERS, to fund raise for them. The Arts Council, in their wisdom, have decided to slash the funding by 100%! And the local council have cut £30,000 from Trinity’s budget also! We raised a mere £2,000 but it’s a start. I am also doing another fund raiser on Nov 9th. Proceeds of which will be split between the Poppy Day appeal and Trinity. The Trio Lavolta (piano, cello, violin) will be playing some spectacular music (from Shostokovitch to Music Hall) and David Warwick and I will be giving you prose, poetry and quotes… all on the subject of war. LEST WE FORGET is the title of our evening, and a splendid one it will be too.

This coming Saturday (October 25th) I shall be performing at Oxford Playhouse. It is their 70th birthday. I spent many, many happy months there during the 70’s and have been asked to re-deliver one of my favourite speeches of all time. So if you live in that area, please come and support. Every theatre in the land is in need of a helping hand. So, creativity in abundance. Most of next week I am filming in Glasgow, so no doubt one or two of you will cross paths with me at the Oran Mor… One of the best venues in Britain…

Until the next blog, best wishes and love to you all, L x