Well, it’s all systems go. RIVER CITY starts up again, filming through to December 6th. This weekend I am in Glasgow at the Purple Hotel signing for two days… do come if you can. (2, Row Avenue, Renfrew, Glasgow, G51 4SY.) My writers group is scribbling away with some very exciting and FUNNY ideas, and THE SUNDAY DRAMA COLLEGE starts up on September 7th in Tunbridge Wells. Soon I hope to have similar workshops all over Britain. We start one in Eastbourne next January, and hopefully Lewes the following Easter.

I’ve just returned from a deluged but rather wonderful holiday in Biarritz… visiting my gorgeous niece, her new baby girl and two lovely sons. I was ‘the lady in the van’ for the week as their spare room isn’t built yet, but their converted monster van is. I was in luxury and slept sooooooooooo well. At least 10 hours a night. How needed was that?

My one woman show FROM WOMEN’S EYES (for further info please visit www.tlcproductions.co.uk) was a triumph in Eastbourne, (for their Shakespeare Experience Festival at the Underground Theatre) as was WOTCHA WILL. I had the privilege to work with 18 teenagers on a pot pourri of Shakespeare. What a talented bunch… and, if there’s a God, we’ll do the same again next year.

Between the teenagers and the rainy Sud du France, I did a week’s work at The Globe with Bill Buckhurst directing again. Nine of us were filmed 24/7 whilst workshopping Romeo and Juliet. They will only use 45 minutes of the filming on a DVD for teachers to reference, but I include it as one of the most enjoyable, informative and inspiring weeks of my career. I learnt so very much about teaching THROUGH text rather than ON it. Hard to explain, but it has completely made me re-think my methods of directing, not to mention strengthening my ambition to work on The Globe stage for real. I’m holding that vision.

Have to go and pack now for my weekend in Glasgow. Hope to see some of you there. Sending you love, and some sunshine… with what’s left of the summer, and thanking you for checking in…

Love, Louise x