Dear friends,

TimeyWimeyticketI don’t quite know where to begin. So very much happening. I feel utterly blessed at 63 to have such a rich and varied time of it. Not least of all thanks to Doctor Who. To which end I am happy to announce (in partnership with Matt Evenden) our first convention. And we’ve rather arrogantly nabbed November 23rd, the 51st anniversary, to party away in Brighton and celebrate this most amazing of programmes. And that Statesman of Doctors, the inimitable Tom Baker, has agreed to give us two hours on stage to wind up the event. Tickets selling very fast folks, so get in there now if you are interested.

Next on the agenda is my upcoming tour of A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED. Sh*****g myself, as so many fabulous actresses have been there before me…. All you can do is your best (click here for tour dates). Feel free to come and say ‘hello’ at the stage door afterwards if you fancy a bit of Agatha Christie.

I did my first ‘An Evening With…’ in Beccles, last Friday. What a well kept and beautiful secret is Norfolk. Went down a storm, and now feel that I can offer that up, if anyone fancies booking it contact me via the message form on the front page at But not free before September.

Big Finish, seem to like me a bit, as I now write, produce, perform and direct for them. I am exceedingly grateful to David Richardson for nurturing this new writing career. Literally, just before this blog, I sent my first draft through for SURVIVORS. (Holding my breath till I turn blue, that they like it) And now, I’m hoping they’ll accept a pitch for an episode of THE OMEGA FACTOR. The script I co-wrote with Nigel Fairs, for Tom Baker and me, ‘THE ABANDONED’ is about to be released, starring Stephanie Cole, Nigel has done such a brilliant job on the soundscape… I’m really rather proud of it.

photo2But… most glorious of all… my new grandson… could life get any better?

Much love to all, thank you for taking the time and trouble to tune in…

Louise x x