mgbfposterMY GAY BEST FRIEND is a heady mixture of high camp, melancholy reflection on friendships and the childhood dramas that haunt us all. Racquell (Louise Jameson) is a 50something would-be diva who works in Boots but is about to make her stage debut.  She’s locked herself in the ladies, furious because her gay best friend Gavin (Nigel Fairs) isn’t there to support her; he’s sitting in a walk-in wardrobe about to become a father with a lesbian couple and a turkey baster!


DECEMBER 1-4, 2016

Royal Theatre (358 West 44th Street) New York (

DECEMBER 10-11, 2016

The Space, London  (

“witty, articulate and touching. Very funny in parts, and sweet in others, Louise Jameson and Nigel Fairs play the duo with love and laughter from the moment the bolshy brassy and spikey Rachel locked in a kareoke refuge of a toilet kicks off proceedings. The beauty is in the writing and the development of the relationship between the well spoken and sensitive Gavin and the fabulously outspoken and yet fragile Rachel. Both actors were delightful to watch…”


“As a portrayal of a friendship which is constantly in danger of souring it’s a very compelling piece… a relationship which seems to cover all the bases from deep affection to irritation to something like hate; quite often within the space of a few hours… My Gay Best Friend is a short, sweet, rather lovely evening of theatre.”