It’s been a roller coaster two weeks which started in a balloon sailing towards a perfectly blue sky followed by champagne. And all before 10.00am on a Monday morning. Then on to Port Isaac to ‘learn lines’ with my gay best friend for MY GAY BEST FRIEND

Our world premier will be at The Beacon ( on April 27th at 9.00pm Ticket Hotline 01892 524252. Followed by every Sunday in May at the 3 and 10 Theatre (click here to book tickets) …and… hopefully April 27th will also see the launch of DOWNLOAD DRAMA as the first audio becomes available MY MOTHER WAS AN ALIEN IS THAT WHY I’M GAY – written by Nigel Fairs.

Four of my students have either been short-listed for or got into the drama schools of their choice. Yay! And the others did a fantastic fundraiser for Macmillan nurses. Some beautiful eye-watering moments, and I have to credit our BRILLIANT Musical Director Adam Rood. The recruiting drive is on to replace those students we’re losing and, for those interested, our next venture is an open air production of COMEDY OF ERRORS.

I’m currently in Cardiff recording a terrific radio play called WHITE NOISE written by Matthew Broughton which is transmitting on Tuesday 10th April on Radio 4 at 2.15pm. (Click here to listen). And prior to that on April 4th Josie Lawrence and I have our DOCTORS episode airing.

Spring is sprunging! I hope, those of you in the UK, are enjoying this FANTASTIC sunshine.. and those of you elsewhere in the world are also receiving some joy.

Love Louise x

PS. A whispered post script: More Big Finish on the way in May (Shhhhhhhhhhh!)