• A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Production Notes

    This is a production of the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, 24th June – 19th July 1980, at The Bristol Old Vic.


    Helena Louise Jameson
    Oberon Robert O’Mahoney
    Titania Meg Davies
    Robin Goodfellow, Puck Nickolas Grace
    Cobweb Alan Coveney
    Moth Julia Hills
    Peaseblossom Andrew Bicknell
    Mustardseed Carl Halling
    Fairies Craig Gaddas, Brad Lavelle, Keith Taylor, Chris Wright
    Theseus Andrew Hilton
    Hippolyta Janet Amsden
    Egeus John Boswall
    Hermia Caroline Holdaway
    Lysander John Telfer
    Demetrius Gregory Martyn
    Philostrate Daniel Day-Lewis
    Peter Quince David Foxxe
    Nick Bottom Clive Wood
    Francis Flute Mark Buffery
    Tom Snout Brian Southwood
    Robin Starveling Clive Wouters
    Snug Timothy Turnbull


    Designer Bob Crowley
    Director Richard Cottrell
    Lighting Designer John A. Williams
    Music by John Telfer
    Playwright William Shakespeare