• Hard Times

    Production Notes

    This is a production of the play Hard Times by Ian Taylor (adapted from the Novel by Charles Dickens), 25th November – 22nd December 1975, at The Bristol Old Vic.


    Louisa Gradgrind Louise Jameson
    Josiah Bounderby Harold Innocent
    Mrs. Sparsit Mary Griffiths
    James Harthouse Malcolm Sinclair
    Mr. Sleary Ronald Forfar
    Mrs. Peglar Audrey Leybourne
    Stephen Blackpool Jack Klaff
    Rachal Jacqueline Morgan
    Mrs. Gradgrind June Barrie
    Tom Gradgrind Roger Davenport
    Sissy Jupe Joan Moon
    Bitzer John Telfer
    Thomas Gradgrind Ronnie Stevens
    Mill Workers, Circus Folk Jenny Bell, Dominic Letts, Rod Menzies, Timothy Turnbull


    Lighting Designer David H. Cohen
    Set Designer Fiona Mathers
    Director Richard Cottrell