• Love’s Labour’s Lost (1975 Tour)

    Production Notes

    This is a production of the play Love’s Labour’s Lost (by William Shakespeare) by Royal Shakespeare Company, 11th February 1975 (press night), at Tour.

    USA Tour of Love’s Labour’s Lost, Summerfolk and Lear.

    4 Feb-9 March, New York Brooklyn Academy of Music, Opera House (Summerfolk and Love’s Labour’s Lost);
    22–25 Feb, 18–30 March, Lepercq Space, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York (Lear);
    4–9 March: Bonfils Theatre of the Denver Center for thePerforming Arts, Denver, Colorado (Love’s Labour’s Lost);
    11,12, 16 March: UNO Performing Arts Center, University of Nebraska, Omaha (Lear);
    13–15 March: University of Nebraska, Omaha, Orpheum Theater (Love’s Labour’s Lost).


    Berowne Ian Richardson
    Boyet Patrick Godfrey
    Costard Mike Gwilym
    Don Adriano Tony Church
    Dull Denis Holmes
    Dumaine Michael Ensign
    Ferdinand David Suchet
    Forester Gavin Campbell
    French Lord Wilfred Grove
    Holofernes Norman Rodway
    Jaquenetta Louise Jameson
    Katharine Janet Chappell
    Longaville Robert Ashby
    Marcade John Labanowski
    Maria Lynette Davies
    Moth Martin Lev
    Princess Of France Susan Fleetwood
    Rosaline Estelle Kohler
    Sir Nathaniel Jeffery Dench
    Unnamed parts Annette Badland, Doyne Byrd, Gavin Campbell, John Labanowski


    Designer Tazeena Firth
    Designer Timothy O’Brien
    Director David Jones
    Light Designer Stewart Leviton
    Playwright William Shakespeare