• Romeo & Juliet

    Production Notes

    This is a production of the play Romeo and Juliet (by William Shakespeare) by Royal Shakespeare Company, 28th March 1973 (press night), at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.


    Abram Lloyd McGuire
    Apothecary Robert Ashby
    Balthasar Nickolas Grace
    Benvolio Peter Machin
    Capulet Jeffery Dench
    Chorus Clement McCallin
    Citizen 1 Ray Armstrong
    Citizen 2 Michael Ensign
    Escalus Clement McCallin
    Friar John John Abbott
    Friar Laurence Tony Church
    Gregory Colin Mayes
    Juliet Estelle Kohler
    Lady Capulet Brenda Bruce
    Lady Montague Janet Whiteside
    Mercutio Bernard Lloyd
    Montague Richard Mayes
    Musician 1 Ray Armstrong
    Musician 2 Michael Ensign
    Musician 3 John Abbott
    Nurse Beatrix Lehmann
    Old Capulet Denis Holmes
    Page to Benvolio John Abbott
    Page to Mercutio Lloyd McGuire
    Page to Paris Colin Mayes
    Paris Anthony Pedley
    Peter Brian Glover
    Romeo Timothy Dalton
    Rosaline Janet Chappell
    Sampson Gavin Campbell
    Tybalt David Suchet
    Woman Annette Badland
    Woman Janet Chappell
    Woman Louise Jameson


    Choreographer John Broome
    Designer Farrah
    Director Terry Hands
    Fight Arranger B H Barry
    Lighting Designer John Bradley
    Music by Ian Kellam
    Playwright William Shakespeare