Production Notes

This is a production of the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare, from 6th June 1983, Open Air Theatre, Regents Park.


Rosalind Louise Jameson
Orlando John Curry
Adam / Sir Oliver Martext Donald Pelmear
Oliver Stephen Rayne
Dennis / Silvius Douglas Hodge
Charles Vincenzo Nicoli
Celia Abigail McKern
Touchstone Paul Raffield
Le Beau Philip Godawa
Duke Frederick James Cairncross
Amiens Robert Lister
First Page Stephen Newman
Second Page Francesca Longrigg
Court Lord / James de Boys Hamilton Wilson
Corin Berwick Kaler
Jaques David William
Audrey Janet Moran
Phebe Julie Dawn Cole
William Graham Chinn


Music by Ian Smith
Lighting Designer Ian Callander
Director Richard Digby Day
Playwright William Shakespeare