Production Notes

Produced by the BBC, broadcast 25th December 1971.


Junior Teacher Louise Jameson
Mother Rosemary Leach
Laurie Stephen Grendon
Laurie Philip Hawkes
Laurie Peter Chandler
Jack Andrew Webber
Jack Jonathan Green
Marjorie Frances Lee
Dorothy Tania Robinson
Phyllis Louisa Martin
Father Trevor Bannister
Harold Stephen Keavy
Tony Andrew Davis
Tony Mark Parker
Rosie Helen Thornhill
Jo Sally Ann Tyler
Spadge Christopher Fletcher
Poppy Tracy Tompkins
Lizzy Elizabeth Matthews
Eileen Sophie Neville (as Sophia Neville)
Granny Wallon Mary Merrall
Granny Trill Catherine Lacey
Uncle Ray Mike Pratt
Uncle Charlie Michael Robbins
The Stranger John Franklyn-Robbins
Aunt Fanny Maryann Turner
Miss Flynn Amanda Murray
Milkman Roger Heathcott
Crabby Freda Dowie
Infant Teacher Marie Hopps
Vincent Ron Hackett (as Ronald Hackett)
Mr. Brown Bert Simms
Mrs. Brown Jeanne Doree
Vicar Peter Gray
Squire Carl Bernard
Baroness Carol MacReady
Entertainer Victor Langley


Producer Ann Kirch
Director Claude Whatham