Production Notes

This is a production by Big Finish, released on CD 31st March 2012.


Leela Louise Jameson
Henry Gordon Jago Christopher Benjamin
Professor Litefoot Trevor Baxter
Claudius Dark Colin Baker
Ellie Lisa Bowerman
Abigail Woburn Elizabeth Counsell
Oscar Wilde Alan Cox
Winnie O’Connor Victoria Alcock
Lord Ampthill Terry Molloy
Mr Kempston Christopher Beeny
Mr Hardwick Mike Grady

4.1 Jago in Love by Nigel Fairs

4.2 Beautiful Things by John Dorney

4.3 The Lonely Clock by Matthew Sweet

4.4 The Hourglass Killers by Justin Richards


Writers Nigel Fairs, John Dorney, Matthew Sweet, Justin Richards
Director Lisa Bowerman