Production Notes

This is a production of the play King Lear by William Shakespeare, 2nd – 20th October 1979 at Oxford Playhouse Company.


Regan Louise Jameson
Earl of Kent Arthur Cox
Earl of Gloucester Tenniel Evans
Edmund John Flanagan
Lear Alan MacNaughtan
Goneril Karin MacCarthy
Cordelia / Fool to Lear Alyson Spiro
Duke of Albany Godfrey Jackman
Duke of Cornwall Robert Ashby
Duke of Burgundy / Old Man / Officer David Haig
King of France Anthony Hyde
Edgar Richard Durden
Oswald Robert Mill
A Knight Jamie Roberts
A Gentleman Philip Franks
Curan / Doctor David Plaut
Servants to Cornwall David Plaut, Ian Hurley, Anthony Hyde, David Haig
Messenger Steven Benton
Doctor Godfrey Jackman
Herald Ian Hurley
Knights, Gentlemen, Soldiers Steven Benton, Philip Franks, David Haig, Ian Hurley, Anthony Hyde, David Plaut, Jamie Roberts


Lighting Designer David Colmer
Set Designers Nadine Baylis, Angela Butterfield and Michael Knight
Music by Morris Pert
Director Gordon McDougall
Playwright William Shakespeare