Production Notes

This is a production of the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, 22nd September – 4th October 1980 and 23rd – 29th October 1980, at Oxford Playhouse Company.


Beatrice Louise Jameson
Leonato Kenneth Gilbert
Messenger / Friar Terry Mortimer
Hero Laura Davenport
Don Pedro Robert Ashby
Benedick Maurice Roëves
Don John Tim Hardy
Claudio Neil Phillips
Antonio Godfrey Jackman
Conrad Peter Jonfield
Borachio David Cardy
Balthazar / A Sexton Richard Cottan
Margaret Felicity Dean
Ursula Cleo Sylvestre
Dogberry Anthony Pedley
Verges Graham Lines
Watchmen Steven Benton
Servants Martyn Stanbridge


Lighting Designer David Colmer
Set Designer Nadine Baylis
Music by Terry Mortimer and Glenn Miller
Director Gordon McDougall