This is a production by Big Finish, released June 2021.


Derek Jacobi (Cole Hawlings)
Mack Keith-Roach (Kay Harker)
Mina Anwar (Ellen)
Annette Badland (The White Lady)
Timothy Bentinck (Inspector)
Lisa Bowerman (Caroline Louisa)
Clare Corbett (Maria Jones)
Barnaby Edwards (Winter)
Mark Gatiss (Abner Brown)
Raj Ghatak (Herne the Hunter)
Louise Jameson (Sylvia Daisy Pouncer)
Damian Lynch (Chubby Joe)
Deeivya Meir (Susan Jones)
Tony Millan (Bishop)
George Naylor (Conductor)
Nicholas Pegg (Foxy Faced Charles)
Sam Stafford (Constable)
Dan Starkey (Dean)
Homer Todiwala (Rat)
David Warner (Arnold of Todi)
Lizzie Waterworth-Santo (Peter Jones)


Adapted by Christopher William Hill
Theme Music by Victor Hely-Hutchinson
Senior Producer David Richardson
Additional dialogue by Barnaby Edwards
Cover Art by Anthony Lamb
Director Barnaby Edwards
Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery & Nicholas Briggs
Music by Joe Kraemer
Producer Emma Haigh
Script Editor Guy Adams
Sound Design by Steve Foxon
Written by John Masefield