This is a production by Spokenworld Audio & Ladbroke Audio Ltd, released July 2020.


‘The Sound Within’ – John Banks

‘Saya’s Last Gasp – Louise Jameson 

‘Focal Point’ – Geoffrey Beevers 

‘Inside the Machine’ – Nicola Bryant 

‘The Embrace’ – Christopher Ragland

‘Outside Looking In’ – Anneke Wills 

‘Day One’ – Peter Noble

‘Twin Points’ – Michael Fenton Stevens 

‘Saya’s First Giant Step’ – Louise Jameson 

‘Extermin8’ – Terry Molloy 

‘The Waiting Room’ – Toby Longworth 

‘Wrist Watch’ – Nicola Bryant 

‘Truncated’ – Christopher Ragland

‘New Born’ – Billie Fulford Brown 

‘Space Hopper’ – Dan Starkey

‘The Last of the Tea Ladies’ – Louise Jameson  


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