I am in an episode of DOCTORS on Wednesday May 10th, 2006.

April 24th
Glorious, glorious holiday in Nerja
Bar-b-ques on the mountaintop, sipping good wine by the pool, paddling in the cold and dramatic sea, eating far, far too much, and getting extremely brown. Returned to a flooded house and an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay out anything, it seems to me. If the fight goes on much longer I shall name names!!! Kitchen ceiling down, and bedroom floor boards up! Shower out of the loop and all that glorious bon-amie-holiday-full-heart feeling completely down the pan.

Last Saturday I went with Drew Ashton to see MARY POPPINS with my dear friend Amanda Symonds in it, she has just taken over and is BRILLIANT, of course.

Am off now to do some more mopping up. Where did I put those wellies?

April 29th
I have spent the day in Croydon, promoting the jazz festival there, which they hope to turn into an annual event. Watched a fabulous concert in the shopping mall of all places, performed by Kymaera and various amazing visiting artists. It was extraordinary to watch people dancing on an escalator, and two year olds spontaneously jumping about with the thrill of the music.

Last night I saw SOUTHWARK FAIR at the National. Some brilliant performances, not least of all from Rory Kinnear, stunning, committed, honest, vulnerable. And met Simon Green in the bar afterwards who thought HOT FLUSH may have a future on the New York fringe – how exciting would that be, international artiste me! I went with Stephanie Cole, Ann Bell, and Veronica Roberts, after all these years, yet another TENKO re-union. It was Ann’s birthday, which was the reason for us liaising.

Rehearsals (such fun) gathering momentum for next Friday at The Beacon for the VAGINA MONOLOGUES. It really is going to be a great evening, nearly sold out so if you haven’t bought yet 01892 524252 is the number.

I’m starting work next Tuesday on the new Steven Berkoff play. A small but fabulous part. A comedy about death called SIT AND SHIVER with Himself directing. It’ll be an adventure! (www.newendtheatre.co.uk). I had to extricate myself from the Ayckbourn at Windsor, but Mark Piper was very generous and has in fact offered me the next one, CONFUSIONS, which will mean overlapping rehearsals and performing for my final week. I always used to do it, let’s hope I still have the stamina, and CONFUSIONS is such fun -I have played the line of parts before. It’s five small playlets, and really, as an actor, you just get to show off going from one outrageous interpretation to another at break-neck speed.

May 2nd
We had the read through for SIT AND SHIVER today, always a nerve-wracking event. But, hand on heart, one of the most electrifying first days ever. This is going to be something extremely special and I feel privileged to be part of it. Already Steven is putting in this suggestion, that nudge of direction, a little hint here and a slice of encouragement there. Good hands-on stuff.

Eyelids closing on me now, so shall climb the wooden hill. I’ll do another blog after our first preview night (May 24th) – hope you come and see it. Love Lou x