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A rogue TARDIS that should not exist… A mutilated, comatose Time Lord who cannot be identified… A new Castellan desperate to make his mark… Evils of the past, events of the present, and echoes of the future conspire to destroy the very heart of Gallifrey’s civilisation.Only Romana can understand it – but she is haunted by her own ghosts. Only Leela can sense it – but she has unfinished business. Only Braxiatel can stop it – but he cannot begin to guess the personal cost.

With both Narvin and Darkel waiting for Romana to make a mistake, the President must take decisions that will change Gallifrey forever. And an ancient evil is ready and waiting for just that moment?
Written By: Justin Richards
Directed By: Gary Russell


Lalla Ward (President Romana); Louise Jameson (Leela); John Leeson (K9); Lynda Bellingham (Inquisitor Prime Darkel); Miles Richardson (Cardinal Braxiatel); Sean Carlsen (Coordinator Narvin); Andy Coleman (Commander Torvald); Ian Hallard (Castellan Wynter); Michael Cuckson (Commander Hallan); Barbara Longman (Pandora); Nicholas Briggs (Gold Usher); Lucy Beresford (Student Gillestes); John Ainsworth (Time Lord); Nigel Fairs (Time Lord); Toby Robinson (Time Lord)

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