I really LOVED a course I took in Camden Town at the LAUGHING HORSE which culminated in an open mike slot above the pub on the Sunday night…. And I have another gig lined up in December in Manchester, courtesy of Toby Hadoke, who I did a radio play for recently called MOTHS ATE MY DOCTOR WHO SCARF.

But more immediately I have been directing at Guildford School of Acting and we open on Wednesday and run through to the following Tuesday with a matinee on Saturday. THE COMEDY OF ERRORS. The students have been absolutely fantastic and a JOY to be with and learn from. If anyone reading this blog is free to come and see them strut their stuff the show starts 7.30 with a 2.30 matinee on Saturday (no performance on Sunday). It is innovative, sacrilegious, fun and short! I guarantee you will have a good evening, but I believe tickets are at a premium so book NOW on 01483 560701.

Swansea with the Doctor Who fans was a weekend to remember. I look forward to two years hence when I have been coerced into ‘coming out’ as a stand-up comedienne and will be supporting the wonderful Charlie Ross who is utterly brilliant.

Upcoming Stand up dates (all in Manchester):
9th December @ The Comedy Store
10th December @ Mirth
11th December @ XS Malarkey

Love to you all, Lou x