viv1Hi all, what a year it’s been so far. Feeling quite blessed. I spent from February until May recording RIVER CITY (see photo, left) and the feisty Viv has made her screen debut. Toy boy grabbing, internet dating, hairdresser, lush. A woman who behaves badly! She’s a great character. God bless the soaps for taking care of actresses of a certain age. Most of my scenes are with the darling Barbara Rafferty. Talented, fun, welcoming… she’s just great to work with.

Immediately after that I started rehearsals for Hamlet in Stafford which is where I am now, just about to enter our last week of performance. When the weather holds it has been absolutely fantastic, but just occassionally it has felt as if I were in The Tempest and not Hamlet! Part of a Shakespeare Festival, the performance is on the biggest stage I ever worked on in the castle grounds. Such an adventure, with the brilliant Joseph Millson playing the Great Dane and the very talented Bill Buckhurst directing. These two jobs simply couldn’t be more diverse, and I’m LOVING them both.

I go back to River City in August, but before that, I fit in another Shakespeare Festival in Eastbourne, but this time directing 20 young adults… more of that in the next blog… and also another audio job for Big Finish, again written by the lovely Nigel Fairs. So the God of Drama is smiling upon me… I hope your summers are panning out well. Love L x