I am sitting in the green room of a recording studio in darkest East Sussex or maybe Kent, Leela was never too sure where the TARDIS was going to land, working with… can you Adam and Eve it?????… Tom Baker who is being brilliant reprising his role as THE Doctor for Big Finish. This week I have turned 60, I’m back working with Mr T Baker…. and, as things come in three… what will be my third adventure this week?… perhaps the Doctor Who convention starting tomorrow.

Last week saw my first days filming on DOC MARTIN. ‘LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY’ is what I have to say. Weather, crew, make up person, script, fellow actors, wardrobe, designers, hotel all LOVELY…. probably in a honeymoon period, but had the BEST time. The character is Eleanor, slightly hippy, free-flowing, mother in law from Hell , wine-swilling, chain-smoking….. a far cry from JOCASTA in OEDIPUS which is probably going to the Edinburgh Festival… waiting to hear.

I counted my chickens too soon on SEASON’S GREETINGS- I’m afraid the touring money couldn’t be met so had to let that one go. But that does mean that after the Edinburgh Festival I can conclude the BIG FINISH work and then visit my darling niece in France for a WELL EARNED holiday.

I cannot let this blog go by without mentioning Lis Sladen, who so sadly died this week. I know many people are really mourning her. Thoughts are with the family, the colleagues, the fans. Her professionalism and dedication to the work and all that surrounded it will be remembered. RIP, much, much too soon.

Well, everyone, enjoy the heat wave, I hope the bunny has left you the best chocolate egg on the planet. Love Louise x