I keep thinking ‘when this job is over I can…’ or ‘when I’ve finished preparing this script I can…’ I’ve been really lucky though, with one job flowing into the next for the last 10 months, but have felt I am chasing my tail at times. Oh for a TARDIS! You could double the amount of time you have to prepare, couldn’t you?

Photo by Robert Day

So Miss Marple came and went, I felt I was just about getting there when we finished. Then Mrs Conway in Nottingham with the amazing Fiona Buffini directing. I’d do anything for that woman, she has such integrity.

Timey Wimey 1

Big Finish have been keeping me busy as ever, with both writing and directing as well as what I do best. They will be a presence at our November 23rd gig, which, if you don’t know by now, it is a date to imprint on your brain. In Brighton on November 23rd (yes, THE birthday of the year) Timey Wimey Events present a day of companions and Mr Tom Baker himself. There will be panels from the time we open to the time we close with Tom’s appearance in the morning followed by photographs with him. I think I’m right in saying it’s his last big event this year. Please go to www.timeywimeyevents.com for full details.

So… writing has been the big turn up for the books for me this year. With The Abandoned (co-written with Nigels Fairs) and Mothers’ Courage (part of the SURVIVORS range) both for Big Finish. And Nigel and I have blocked off a week to write a play we have been talking about for over a year. A comedy for stage.

Other news… just how quickly do babies grow? My grandson is turning into a right little bruiser with the most hilarious seal-like crawl. I’ve been to Wales and France, three days in each for walking and eating and laughing, and even a little weeping on occasion, all very important.

I hope all is well in your worlds and life treats you kindly and you are daring to leave your comfort zone every now and then.

Hope to see you on Nov 23rd – and for those born in Bonny Scotland, I’m very glad you’re still with us. Timey Wimey Events is looking into an event in Glasgow sometime next Spring, watch this space.

Love, Louise x

PS. I’m in TOAST OF LONDON Monday 3rd November at 10.30pm on C4 (repeated on Friday 7th November at 11.00pm)