White Noise, BBC Radio 4

Music and Words, BBC Radio 3

The Face of Evil, RNIB

Over 80 titles for Big Finish

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, BBC

The Black Fog, Talking Book

Goblin Market, by Christina Rossetti, Vanity Publishing

Talking magazine for the blind, Produced by Master Transcriptions

Mansfield Park

A Vital Flaw

The Canterbury Tales (Falcon & Horsewoman), BBC

A World of Stories for Children, produced & performed in, Fund-raiser for Romanian orphans

Radio Dramas

BBC Radio 4 Dramas and BBC Radio 3 monologues, throughout career, classics & contemporary.

Numerous producers, notably Sue Wilson & Pam Frazer Solomon.

Television Documentary

From Hell to Hotel, Series, Channel 5

The Adventures of Chainsaw Sprocket Knucklehead & Tank (as The Bike), Warner Bros

Documentary, Voice over for Third World health program

Documentary, About orchids, BBC Education

Advert voice overs

Clients include: Hoover, Magnum Ice Cream, Garnier, Powergen, Persil

Kill your Speed road safety, voice over