It went by in a blur of touring PULLING FACES, my brilliant Sunday Drama College performed SNOW QUEEN, producing Murder Mysteries and I’m currently rehearsing for Oedipus (opening next week in Liverpool)… who said January was a dull month?

I was chuffed to bits with the teenagers who pulled off a world premiere written and directed by Nigel Fairs and music by Adam Rood. Due to an inexplicable electrical problem at Trinity Arts Centre their second show was done with only working lights and no microphones… But the Dunkirk spirit prevailed and with true professionalism they pulled it off brilliantly.

PULLING FACES has had some fabulous reviews, I’m so grateful, much of it due to the new direction by Nigel and Helen Goldwyn’s writing getting the recognition it deserves. Already another tour is taking shape for next January.

Oedipus has, thus far, been a very strange experience, I’m right out of my comfort zone and Steven Berkoff is a bit like Marmite isn’t he? Love him or hate him… it’s a style that I haven’t explored before, and it’s not been easy. The atmosphere in the rehearsal room has, at times, been strained to say the least. I can’t speak for my own performance but the bits I watch whilst being off stage, are staggeringly good… It’s the art of surrender I’ve decided. Difficult to be objective. Press are in Tuesday week, so we’ll know more then I suppose and with talk of a possible London run after that. We start at the Everyman Liverpool Playhouse ( followed by the Nottingham Playhouse (

I am also doing another performance of FROM WOMEN’S EYES, now entitled SHAKESPEARE’S MISTRESS at The Lowry Studio on February 27th. (

Writing-wise… I’m preparing Macbeth for my youth group open air production in the summer, devising a new show called MY GAY BEST FRIEND with Nigel Fairs, bullying myself into getting on with the biography and honing up the PULLING FACES script ready for publication.

Also planning loads of treats for myself as I turn 60 in April, and there has to be something good about that, if only an excuse to get all my nearest and dearest in one place at the same time.

And today can’t go by without mentioning Eygpt! How extraordinary all this has been. I wish them peace.

Happy Valentine’s one and all, Love L x x

PS Re: my previous blog the CLEANING UP film was with the wonderful Mark Gatiss – what an honour to share the lens with him. Three days filming fitted into his hectic schedule. He is incidentally giving the most fantastic performance in SEASON’S GREETINGS at The National, not many more to go, so book now if you want to catch it (

PPS Big Finish is branching out into audio work and PULLING FACES has been chosen… had enormous fun getting that onto CD, being released later this year (you can pre-order a copy at my online shop), and…

PPPS for any Jago and Litefoot lovers ( I have four more in the can (can you say in the can for audio work?) and one more to be recorded. Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter must be the most wonderful double act EVER! And that’s official.