This is a production by Big Finish, released on CD October 2013.



Tom Baker The Doctor
Peter Davison The Doctor
Colin Baker The Doctor
Sylvester McCoy The Doctor
Paul McGann The Doctor
Sophie Aldred Ace
Geoffrey Beevers The Master
Benedict Briggs Kevin
Nicholas Briggs The Vess
Nicola Bryant Peri Brown
John Dorney Bob Dovie
Janet Fielding Tegan Jovanka
India Fisher Charley
Carole Ann Ford Susan
Frazer Hines Jamie McCrimmon / The Doctor
Oliver Hume Straxus
Louise Jameson Leela
Katy Manning Jo Grant
Jean Marsh Sara
Maureen O’Brien Vicki
Wendy Padbury Zoe Heriot
Peter Purves Steven Taylor
William Russell Ian Chesterton / The Doctor
Sharon Small Janet / Jeannie
Mark Strickson Vislor Turlough
Sarah Sutton Nyssa
Tim Treloar The Doctor
Anneke Wills Polly Wright



Cover Artist Alex Mallinson
Director Nicholas Briggs & Lisa Bowerman
Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs & Jason Haigh-Ellery
Music Toby Hrycek-Robinson & Jamie Robertson
Producer David Richardson
Script Editor Alan Barnes
Sound Design Toby Hrycek-Robinson & Jamie Robertson
Written by Nicholas Briggs & Ian Potter