The Fourth Doctor Box Set

Production Notes

This is a production by Big Finish, released on CD 31st January 2012.


Leela Louise Jameson
The Doctor Tom Baker


The Foe from the Future:

Jalnik Paul Freeman
Charlotte Louise Brealey
Instructor Shibac Blake Ritson
Constable Burrows Mark Goldthorp
Father Harpin Philip Pope
Supreme Councillor Geflo Jaimi Barbakoff
Historiographer Osin Dan Starkey
Councillor Kostal Camilla Power

The Valley of Death:

Emissary Godrin/Dr Summersby/Announcer Nigel Carrington
Overlord Saldor/Newsreader Delia Lindsay
Valerie Carlton Jane Slavin
Edward Perkins Anthony Howell
Professor Cornelius Perkins David Killick
General Hemmings/Valcon/Taxi Driver Richard Bremmer


Writers Robert Banks Stewart, adapted by John Dorney; Philip Hinchcliffe, adapted by Jonathan Morris
Director Ken Bentley