driving me squareNoises Off at Colchester – tick

Diva Drag at the Brighton Festival – tick

A Midsummer Night’s Dream at ALRA – tick

Rehearsed Reading of DRIVING ME ROUND THE BEND at Sevenoaks Festival – tick

(with a special ‘thank you’ to the organisers for such sympathetic hosting of our new venture)

Hardly time to draw a breath!

This coming Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th July the try-out of DRIVING ME ROUND THE BEND (click here to buy tickets).  I’ve rarely been this nervous about something.  Still it will all be over this time next week.  And hopefully a bit of a future life for our play will be under discussion.

Then on the 20th rehearsals starting for LOVE, LOSS AND WHAT I WORE at Sonning (click here to buy tickets) taking me through the summer.  And what a glorious summer it is proving to be.  I hope you, dear reader, are managing to enjoy some of this unusual warmth.  Or are you glued to the Wimbledon Finals?

Also, since the last blog, the sad death of Jill Hyem.  Those of you who have seen TENKO will know I am talking about one of the co-writers.  Witty, wise, wonderful and far too young.  She was not a religious person, far from it, but she was a woman with spirit and compassion.  I hope she won’t mind me wishing her a rest full of peace.