Just back from recording an interview about THE SUNMAKERS, my favourite Doctor Who story. Written by the late and very great Robert Holmes. Feel I’ve made a new friend in Simon Guerrier (my interviewer) who has already sent me a script of his for a short film (which I have agreed to do) called CLEANING UP… watch this space.

Off to Orlando next Wednesday for a Doctor Who Convention, followed by another in New York, then immediately shooting an episode of DOCTORS.

On the production front there’s a Murder Mystery at The Lamb in Eastbourne on October 26th and at The Beacon in Rusthall on November 27th. Please do come if you are local, they’ll be huge fun; food and entertainment in one.

For all other productions go to www.sundaydramacollege.com

Next February a new play (performing this time) written by Jill Hyem, called WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS, at Sonning. Tickets from www.millatsonning.com

I feel blessed at the moment, every time I turn around there’s another creative project to invest in, with all the fabulous people that that involves. Most recently I have been forging a relationship with SCANDALMONGERS who perform for primary aged children. I’m hoping to come in as a big grown up producer with their work, starting next Easter holidays. Anyone wanting an inter-active Alice in Wonderland for primary aged students visit www.tlcproductions.co.uk and I’ll sort it!!!

Just a brief blog this time, but as Matt Evenden insists I have to keep it ‘up to date,’ so this is it…


Love to all L x