I am really sorry… so much for guaranteeing one a month this year!

OK… what’s been happening?

I am currently patron of Off West End (www.offwestend.com) – and I also assess for them, which means I have been watching vast amounts of London fringe theatre… The best and the worst, and, if you didn’t catch it, Uncle Vanya at The Print Room was utterly amazing, I hope it has a future life. The worst… I’m keeping to myself, but it has been a fascinating, eclectic mix, and those of you that live in or around London, check out the website…It is full of special offers, and if you love theatre, there is something for everyone.

There’s been a spate of Doctor Who conventions, with more to come, please check out my Doctor Who page for full details. Also 18th November, Manchester (to be confirmed) and Melbourne (!), date to be decided!

And I can’t write about Doctor Who without mentioning the passing of dear Carry John. We didn’t see much of each other but I always regarded her and her husband as good friends. She was caring, talented and a wonderful gardener. She will be very much missed, both by family and fans. May she rest in peace.

The most wonderful thing to have happened over the last few months is MY GAY BEST FRIEND, which was co-written and performed by Nigel Fairs and me, won the Angel award at the Brighton Festival. TENKO fans note, we were directed by the perfect Veronica Roberts. Her first ever foray into directing, and she is BRILLIANT. We both loved working with her and her tactful, ‘no nonsense’ approach. We have had two offers of fringe venues in London but are holding out for a third(watch this space) and if all goes according to plan we’ll bring it into the West End area next spring. I can’t quite explain what a fabulous experience it has been. This is only the third play that I have written, and for it to have had such success in such a short space of time has been totally thrilling. We are also in the process of discussing a possible tour over the winter before bringing it into London, so if there are any art centres interested in booking us, please contact Helena Richardson (www.richardsonprm.com) and let’s hope we’re free.

Also, for The Brighton Fringe Festival, I directed THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN PEN, which got fantastic notices due to Michael Chance’s concentrated and detailed performance. A one man show depicting Ian Fleming from the day of his wedding to the day of his divorce. A ‘must see’ for any Bond fans. This too looks like it is transferring to Jermyn Street Theatre (www.jermynstreettheatre.co.uk) Dates to be decided.

A sad thing happened to me, after thirty-two years, my agents and I have parted company, for reasons too complicated and personal to re-iterate… but the up side is COLE KITCHENN (www.colekitchenn.com) have enthusiastically embraced me and my career. I can’t sing their praises highly enough. Four interviews in the last two weeks, and a sensitive approach to all that I stand for, and hugely supportive of all extra-curricular activities, (working with teenagers, after dinner speaking, writing etc.)

And talking of writing, I pitched an idea to Big Finish for an adventure with Tom Baker and me… and… they bought it. Hurrah! Writing as we speak, (with Nigel Fairs, he’s mentoring me through the first one) and hopefully there will be more. BF, also, have asked me to direct Katy Manning in a Companion’s Chronicle… should be interesting! Brilliant script written by Jonathan Morris.

I had a very welcome 3 day break in Amsterdam with Matt Evenden (talented designer of my website) and another week’s break booked in Europe in October…. My light at the end of the tunnel, sooooooo looking forward to it.

Wonderful Toby Hadoke came and did his last ever MOTHS ATE MY DOCTOR WHO SCARF, and his first ever MY STEPSON STOLE MY SONIC SCREWDRIVER at The Beacon, where I run a monthly fringe venue (www.tlcproductions.co.uk) If you are in Scotland, catch him at the Edinburgh Festival, NOW – it is BRILLIANT!

Sunday Drama College came up trumps with THE COMEDY OF ERRORS last Sunday (one of the reasons I have been so remiss with the blogging. They’re time consuming, these teenagers!) Their fourth open air Shakespeare since we started in 2008 and I think one of the best, against all the odds. On the Tuesday I was close to cancelling, but by the Sunday they had hauled it together in a muddy/rain soaked/utterly brilliant way! I must admit to shedding a tear as the last show went into their curtain call. Our next venture for the SDC is ACTING FOR CAMERA – a week’s intensive course. Check into the website if you know anyone in the Kent/East Sussex area aged 13 to 24 who wants to learn how to cope with the lens, make a movie and is free to commit to working with us from Aug 13th to Aug18th.

The Future…

…involves the past, inevitably. Some DVD commentaries on Bergerac, with the gorgeous John Nettles. MY GAY BEST FRIEND at the Arundel Festival on Sunday 19th August (www.arundelfestival.co.uk) It’s a small venue so book early, we are doing two shows on that day. More Big Finish, a writers’ retreat in Cornwall, a book launch for REMEMBERING TENKO on Oct 22nd at The War Museum (so excited!), a short movie (will tell all next blog)…and my own special treat… Joan Armatrading is coming to the Assembly Rooms in Tunbridge Wells, who could ask for more…


… I love my life.


Love Louise x