…so technically it Friday 27th and the month is nearly over. I swear January goes faster every year. Isn’t today supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, when all the Christmas credit card expenditure comes plopping through the letter box demanding to paid?

PULLING FACES tour trots on a treat, the studio space in Hertford was an absolute joy to play, and has been my favourite show so far. Tonight is Barking, then next week Leeds, Middlesborough and two shows at The Mill in Guildford, by which time February will be well under way.

The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Day went brilliantly and, rumour hath it, will be repeated next year.

Los Angeles on the 13th so I’ll be in the sky as Valentine strikes twelve. I think that’s quite a big deal in the States, so I am to look forward to some romance U S of A style!

A new business is in its embryonic stage of audio drama. The first play already recorded (see photo) and I’m currently in discussion about distribution (download or CD or both) – it’s all new territory! Very exciting. More news on that with March’s blog.

Also an episode of DOCTORS in the can which airs on April 4th, a very funny script and I got to work with the fabulous Josie Lawrence… yay…. so the grass hasn’t grown under my feet in 2012.

Thanks all of you for checking in. I hope this New Year is treating you kindly, and the credit cards can get paid off without too much sacrifice!


Love L x