GUTTED over, and what an amazing experience it was. Stratford East Theatre Royal is one of the most beautiful theatres in the country, and I felt proud to be part of it, even for a short time. Rikki Beadle-Blair wrote and directed, and I learnt so much with his expert guidance. Plus he made us all do an hour’s aerobics every morning, so I lost half a stone, always a bonus! I miss my four “Prospect family”, but pleased to have more time to see a bit more of my Jameson boys.

I am directing a rehearsed reading of a new play called STITCHED UP which is showing 9.00pm this coming Thursday at Stratford East, so they can’t get rid of me that easily!

Also Big Finish have taken advantage of my free time and I am recording six stories over these three weeks. One of which I have co-written with Nigel Fairs. Also a few more tour dates have been added to MY GAY BEST FRIEND, so do check and see if we are at a theatre near you.

As a producer, The Beacon Fringe kicks off again with DIARY OF A WELSHCAKE

performed by Gregory Ashton
9.00pm on Friday June 28th for a mere £10/£8
The Pub and its grounds really are sensational this time of year, and it’s a beautiful way to start the weekend – go on, you know you want to… 01892 524252

Writing projects gather momentum… but what I’d love next is a cracking telly… so let’s hold that vision!

Thank you, those of you who made it to the theatre to see the last show. I’m touched that a show I did 36 years ago can put bums on seats in 2013! Amazing eh?



photo: Jane Hobson